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Brian Riester - General Manager & Chief of Libations

A simple, yet steady approach to Vincent's beverage program has kept Brian Riester behind the bar since 2012. 


Brian's objective with the cocktail list at Vincent is to give people a drink that isn't fussy, is always balanced, and well executed.  The juices are hand squeezed, the syrups are homemade and working in tandem with Chef, the produce is processed with as little waste as possible.  Rinds and trimmings make shrubs, syrups, vinegars, bitters, and infused spirits.


There is no room at Brian's bar for pretension or judgement (for the most part) so ask a question about the wine you've never heard of, or try the liquor that you've heard of, but not tasted.  At the end of the day, it's just a drink - and there will always be another one.


Wendy Sitti - Brand Ambassador

Wendy Sitchinski (“Sitti”) immigrated to Chicago from Poland.  No one knows how long ago!  She worked in her uncle’s sausage factory stuffing sausage.  Having come from humble beginnings, she rapidly grew to be one of Chicago’s most prominent socialites.  This was after having many rich husbands and crashing parties she wasn’t invited to.


She travels the world often in Mykonos, Greece and Puerto Vallarta Mexico, but she always calls Chicago home.   You will often find her at Vincent for a cocktail or two, or three…. That’s because they can never get her to leave.  Someday you may find Wendy hosting, waiting on tables or greeting customers, because her last husband’s pension is running out and she has a big bar tab.

Rich Sypniewski - Owner

I grew up on the southside of Chicago at 5200 South, having been a life-long resident of Chicago and have lived in Andersonville since 2003.  Having spent many nights at Vincent over the past 10 years and earlier when it was La Tache, I knew I had to keep this place going for all those that have dined, celebrated and drank with us.  I was raised by my dad with my two sisters after my mom passed away from cancer when I was three years old, living in a 3 bedroom brick bungalow.  I’m very grateful for my dad, my sisters, my mentors and all those who taught me along the way.  I pride myself on the lessons my father taught me of education, hard work and looking out after others because they will look out for you. 


I have always had a creative side making home movies and putting on shows for my family as a kid to then later developing my analytical side in becoming an accountant and CPA in undergrad.  However, the greatest value is working side by side with my co-workers from the days I bussed tables, to being a heating and cooling repairman for Sears in the summers or breading chicken at Brown’s chicken.  It truly is a team that brings it together.


But my true passion is seeing others entertained, happy and having a good time!  This is why I decided to be the new caretaker/owner of Vincent.  Together with our team, we hope to entertain, satisfy and make you coming back for more.


Welcome to Vincent,

Rich Sypniewski

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